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The Power Of Your Authentic Voice

Have you ever been told you can’t sing?

For those of us who have, there are a few paths we consciously, or unconsciously, choose: we either stop singing, or we contain our singing to the shower or car, or to when we’ve consumed the right amount of alcoholic beverages to let ourselves belt out the anthems of our youth.

Yet in my work, my voice is one of my most important tools I use in teaching Yoga. It’s not just what I say, but how I say it. Here I share my journey with reclaiming the power of my unique voice.

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Music for Yoga – Ideas, Suggestions and Playlists

I LOVE music. I am constantly astonished by music. By the endless creativity of musicians to produce beautiful, moving, wild rhythms, melody and harmony. I could never imagine life without it. What a blessing music is in our lives!

Yoga is my other love. I regularly join the two together in my own practice and in my classes you will often hear me playing music to support the Yoga. Sometimes I may even bring my guitar and play live for people.

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Freedom Yoga with Erich Schiffmann

Erich Schiffmann teaches what he calls Freedom Yoga – the freedom to teach and practice any style of Yoga he likes! His approach is about tuning in, listening to guidance from within, the inner teacher, and then doing as is prompted.

This encourages and empowers the student to listen and respond to their own body and movement, to practice in a way which respects their body, and how they find themselves at the beginning of each practice.

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My Approach To Yoga

Yoga practice for me is about surrender, presence and an ‘everything is as it is’ approach. Surrendering any idea that we have to go somewhere, achieve something or reach any point of perfection in our practice can be very liberating. The ‘practice of surrender’ in yoga may then support living life with a renewed sense of ease and flow.

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An archive of useful articles and blog posts from the web

How to Get a Good Night’s Sleep by Lauren Tober

Good quality sleep is SUCH an important part of our well being.  When we sleep we allow our body to restore and heal itself, both on a physical and psychological level. Depression, anxiety and stress can result in poor sleep, and poor sleep can result in depression, anxiety and stress.

So whichever way you look at it, getting a good nights sleep is vital for our well being.

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Somatics and Yoga with Lisa Petersen

An interview with Lisa Petersen, on Yoga Journal, Spain.
Lisa Petersen has been a friend and colleague of Karla Brodie and Neal Ghoshal for many years. We all share Donna Farhi as a major inspiration for our Yoga teaching and practice, among other influences of course.

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Shoulder Alignment in Downward Dog: Is External Rotation the Best Cue?

By Jenni Rawlings, on Yoga International

When considering shoulder alignment in downward facing dog, what are the first cues that pop into your mind? If you’re like most yogis, one of these cues is likely to be “external rotation.” With occasional exceptions, the instruction for the upper arm bone (humerus) to rotate externally in the shoulder socket (glenoid fossa) in down dog is a foundational alignment rule taught in most yoga teacher training programs.

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Protecting Your Knee in Pigeon Pose

By Ray Long MD, of The Daily Bandha

Working with the muscular stabilizers surrounding the individual joints is a central tenet of both injury prevention and rehabilitation. In this blog post we illustrate how to work with myofascial connections to protect your knee in Pigeon and Reclining Pigeon pose.

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7 Moves You Need for Graceful Aging

By Cynthia Allen on Huffington Post

No matter how many candles were on your last birthday cake, to get the most out of your life and be on track for feeling fine at 99, here are seven essential moves you need.

#1 Wiggle – Just stop with the sitting still as a rock.

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The Do’s and Don’ts of Sacroiliac Dysfunction

By Amber Burke, on Yoga International

For many yoga practitioners, the sacroiliac (SI) joints are shrouded in mystery. Many yoga teachers say that some poses should be practiced in a certain way “for the health of the SI joints” without identifying where these joints are anatomically or explaining why students should care about SI joint health.

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Create a stronger core

By Eric Franklin, on The Franklin Method

The classic core muscles are the diaphragm, the abdominals, the pelvic floor and the deeper layers of the lower back muscles. You can stabilize your core with your glutes and other peripheral muscles. Natural movement can be sufficient to train your core. You can get a workout from every day things like walking and even breathing.

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Why do some yoga classes make you feel good and others do not?

By Olga Kabel, on Sequence Wiz

You know how sometimes you go to a yoga class and you come out feeling “This is exactly what I needed! I feel great!” and other times you end up feeling: ”That was awful.” Our tendency is to think that it is the fault of the teacher who didn’t do a good job (and sometimes it is), but more often it is about managing our own expectations and needs for the practice.

People come to yoga classes for all sorts of reasons, but they can mostly be summarized as “to feel better”. But what does it mean “to feel better”?

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6 Things I No Longer Practice or Teach (and Why)

By Leah Sugarman, on Yoga International.

As I’ve travelled further along my yoga journey, my practice and my teaching have evolved in countless ways. Many things that were once staples in my personal practice no longer even find their way onto my mat. And many things that I swore were worthless have become essential to my teaching.

Just as I’ve ditched my teenage reckless-driving habits, my Candy Crush addiction, and my coffee dependency, I no longer incorporate the following six cues into my practice or my classes.

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Mobility, Stability and Flexibility: Clarifying Our Concepts in Yoga

By Jenni Rawlings, on Yoga International

Mobility, stability, and flexibility are qualities we’re often taught that we are working to improve through our yoga practice. These terms are somewhat ambiguous, however, and it’s common for each of them to be interpreted differently by different sources. As a result, not all yoga teachers approach these concepts the same way. In this article, I will clarify the concepts of mobility, stability, and flexibility and present what I consider to be the most helpful definitions for each as applied to the practice of yoga.

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