Neal has been featured again in one of New Zealand’s top online Yoga websites, The Yoga Lunchbox.

The article asks a number of prominent Yoga teachers:

“How has Yoga changed your relationship with your body?”

You can read Neal’s response below and also there is a link to the full article too.

“Looking back 20 years ago, I would spend my working day, every day, sitting in a poorly designed office chair, in front of a screen, almost permanently tired. My first few Yoga classes back then were a massive wake up call to begin connecting to my body, and I still have such strong memories of these first Yoga experiences – I just felt so good! Energized and relaxed, brighter, lighter and deeply curious!

Healthy Yoga FEELS wonderful to my body. I feel more connected to myself. Although we like to separate body, energy, emotions, mind and spirit, in fact, these aspects of ourselves are deeply woven together.

The more I practice Yoga, whether it be a restorative or an active sequence, Yoga Nidra meditation or Pranayama, the more sensitive and alive I become in my body. I am not only listening to what my body is suggesting to me – Yoga is also about responding positively to these messages, rather than overriding them.

As I develop a deeply sensitive and kind relationship to my body, I find the rest of my life follows – my family, friends and work relationships become more sensitive, kind and loving.

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Read The Full Article Here


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