200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training Dates 2019

20-Day January 2019 Intensive

5-12th, 14-19th, 21-24th January 2019
We have two rest days on the Sundays 13th and 20th January.

Weekend Mode 2019

Autumn and Winter 2019: 9 weekends over five months
Location: St Heliers Centre

27-28 April | 11-12 May | 25-26 May
8-9 June | 22-23 Jun | 6-7 July
20-21 July | 3-4 August | 17-18 August

2x9-Day Intensives 2019

Spring 2019: Two 9-Day Intensives
Location: St Heliers Centre, Auckland

Curriculum follows the Weekend Mode
Part 1 :: 24 August - 1 September 2019
Part 2 :: 12-20 October 2019

2x9-Day Intensives 2019

Spring 2019: Two 9-Day Intensives
Location: St Heliers Centre, Auckland

Curriculum follows the Weekend Mode
Part 1 :: 7-15th September
Part 2 :: 20-28 October 2018


Alana Chao

Contemporary Toga has given me more than what I’d expect from a teacher training course. All the teachers are truly experts in what they do and their passion is infectious. 🙂 


Jay Garman

I couldn’t be happier that I chose to do my training with Vincent, Dyana, Neal and Karla at Contemporary Yoga Teacher Training.

Instead of pigeonholing myself into a particular style or approach, I’ve had an immensely rich exploration of yoga, from the ancient to the modern, offered by this range of true masters. My foundation will never be the same. I’m ready to share.


Mia Pistorius

This is an invaluable course that will expand your love and understanding of yoga beyond what you ever thought was possible! You will learn from such diverse teachers who all have a wealth of experience and knowledge, who truly care for and nurture your individual growth.


Yumi Drozdowski

What a transformational Yoga teacher training! These four amazing teachers create incredible alchemy in teaching Yoga. They create such a safe learning environment and there is wonderful support throughout.

I highly highly recommend the courses at Contemporary Yoga. I really enjoyed every moment.


Kelly Watkin

This is a truly unique Yoga Teacher Training.

The wealth and depth of knowledge and experience of four exceptional teachers woven passionately with a focus on personal inquiry and active exploration, provides a foundation for students which inspires, empowers and transforms. Immense gratitude for a profound learning journey.


Vanessa Bailey

To Dyana, Karla, Neal and Vincent …

I think of each of you, as being among the most talented chefs in the world.  Your teachings have been a series of sophisticated degustation dining experiences of beautiful refinement and elegance all delivered with passion and remarkable skill. Each superbly crafted dish captured my full attention to consider, examine, and appreciate all the detail before consuming.


Rob Dawson

I could not be happier to have chosen this course. It has completely exceeded any expectations.

I feel I have developed my own opinions and rational for how I will approach teaching, and that I am prepared well for the challenge that awaits me. It is interesting to see how differently individual members of the group used the information and teachings for our final assessments.

I think it speaks so highly of the quality of training that you can produce 15 skilled and confident teachers who have very different styles instead of just pumping out carbon copies of yourselves. Very well done all of you. Thank you.

Yoga Teacher Registration Pathway

We are delighted and proud to be registered with two major Yoga organisations – Yoga New Zealand and Yoga Alliance.

Below: St Heliers, Auckland, our venue for 200 hour Yoga Trainings

St Heliers beach for Yoga Teacher Training
St Heliers beach for Yoga Retreat
St Heliers beach for Yoga Holiday

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