Welcome to
Contemporary Yoga
Teacher Training

“A life changing experience that will alter your way of Being.”
Sarah Ford, 200 hour training, 2016

Learn More 2017/18 Training Dates

Welcome to
Contemporary Yoga Teacher Training

“A life changing experience that will alter your way of Being.”
Sarah Ford, 200 hour training, 2016

Learn More 2017/18 Training Dates

The Yoga Teacher Training Program

Our Comprehensive Yoga Teacher Training Programs are flexible, affordable courses designed for students at all levels.

We are specialist teachers and have designed the programs to support you in an in-depth and comprehensive exploration of Yoga. As teachers we love working together and while we all come with our unique personality and approach, there is a synergy amongst us - we honour and encourage the process of being curious, of enquiry and of discovery.

The 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training provides excellent foundations in human anatomy and movement, increases your awareness and understanding of the postures, and explores the philosophy of underlying yoga traditions.

Our 200-Hour Yoga Alliance Teacher Training is an indepth and comprehensive foundation for teaching yoga.

The 300-Hour Yoga Teacher Training refines and expands your expertise and proficiency in teaching and deepens your personal practice.

Fully explore how Developmental Movement Patterns grow into naturally aligned asana.

Discuss groundbreaking research into Human Anatomy & Physiology and its relevance to yoga.

Hands on with bones and muscles and how they work together in an asana practice.

Investigate the Biomechanics of Yoga with a focus on containment and stability.

Understand Postural Analysis, using yoga to restore natural balance and full range of motion.

Work with the subtle energies of the body to purify the nadis and touch the natural mind.

Yoga philosophy has the power to reshape your daily life

Gain confidence in your teaching skills and teaching practice.

Next 200 hour courses:

2x9 Days Mode,
August to Oct 2017

20 Day Intensive
January 2018
6-25 January (2 break days)

Early Bird $3250


Jay Garman

I couldn’t be happier that I chose to do my training with Vincent, Dyana, Neal and Karla at Contemporary Yoga Teacher Training.

Instead of pigeonholing myself into a particular style or approach, I’ve had an immensely rich exploration of yoga, from the ancient to the modern, offered by this range of true masters. My foundation will never be the same. I’m ready to share.


Mia Pistorius

This is an invaluable course that will expand your love and understanding of yoga beyond what you ever thought was possible! You will learn from such diverse teachers who all have a wealth of experience and knowledge, who truly care for and nurture your individual growth.


Yumi Drozdowski

What a transformational Yoga teacher training! These four amazing teachers create incredible alchemy in teaching Yoga. They create such a safe learning environment and there is wonderful support throughout.

I highly highly recommend the courses at Contemporary Yoga. I really enjoyed every moment.


Olivia Rysenbry

The 200 hour teacher training was an amazing immersive experience. The breadth of material was exceptional and I walked away with a new-found appreciation for all aspects of Yoga as a way of life as well as a wonderful practice.

You will take away from this course so much to help you on your journey - just brilliant.


Anne de Brouwer

Thank you! I am inspired, amazed, changed, still learning, moved … this course has totally changed my view and perception of Yoga in a profound way.


Sandra Palmer

The 300 hour yoga teacher training has surpassed all my expectations. The amazing blend of teachers results in a myriad of deep learning.  Each teacher is an expert in their own area and shares their unique wealth of knowledge in a way which is easy to take on board.

This has truly been a transformative experience.

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20 Tips – Learning How To Cue Effectively in Teaching Yoga

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Workshops and Events with the Contemporary Yoga Teachers

Workshops and Courses with Dyana Wells

Wise Body, Meditation and Mindfulness, Musculoskeletal Anatomy for Yoga and more.

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Restorative Yoga Teacher Training

Two 4 Day Weekends in September and October 2017 - in-depth training to empower you to teach Restorative Yoga. 

Full Details


Faculty Teachers:
200-Hour & 300-Hour Yoga Teacher Training programs

Karla Brodie

Karla loves to share yoga in a simple, joyful, self renewing way. Her practical and intuitive approach leads students toward a deeper understanding of balanced posture and integrated movement.

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Dyana Wells

Dyana introduces students into the core principles that underlie any spiritual enquiry, and takes them on fascinating journeys of discovery inside their minds and bodies. They explore the rich interplay between yoga and science.

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Neal Ghoshal

Neal’s teaching focuses on exploring and refining natural movement and alignment principles – learning to embody these principles in a way that takes our spiritual practice into our everyday lives.

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Vincent Bolletta

Vincent encourages one to be curious about their yoga practice and offers a range of tools to support that enquiry including pranayama, asana, postural re-patterning and hands on enhancement.

Tension and agitation are the enemies of space; they restrict and inhibit. To be free and truly sense space, it simply becomes a matter of introducing ease. Ease is a barometer that guides our movements, our breath and our mind.

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Dedicated to Excellence in the Investigation of Body-Mind Approaches to Yoga

The main focus of the Yoga tradition is the personal journey of self exploration, discovery and healing. From a common trunk rooted in the desire for freedom, it branched in many directions, flowering into a multitude of insights and revelations about life.

This training embodies this philosophy, supporting deep personal investigation with current learnings and technologies. Throughout history the Yoga tradition has honoured the past and transcended its limitations at the same time.

Our specialist teachers follow the latest investigations in the fields of movement, body-mind centering and Yoga therapeutics. They include the natural sciences, alongside in-depth studies of Patanjali’s Sutras, Buddhist teachings and the Bhagavad Gita.

Yoga offers personal experience and personal accountability. Our teachers support students in their own explorations and teaching styles, with humour, wisdom and passion, with training, mentoring, meditation and private tuition.

Special Events

We regularly hold retreats, workshops and special events. One of our favourite venues is Mana Retreat Centre in the Coromandel. Here’s our Art Of Resting friends from our 2015 Retreat, with Karla Brodie and Neal Ghoshal →

International Guest Teachers

As well as the full curriculum required within the Yoga Alliance certification trainings, we invite and include international guest tutors for specialist workshops.

Recent visitors include:

Lisa Petersen, yoga teacher trainer

Lisa Petersen

Lisa is a Yoga Teacher, Therapist, Somatic Movement Educator and Body Mind Centering facilitator based in Ireland.

Fuyuko Toyota, yoga teacher training

Fuyuko Toyota

Fuyuko is a certified iRest Yoga Nidra® teacher and Hatha Yoga teacher based in Australia.

Leila Stuart, yoga teacher trainer

Leila Stuart

Leila, from Canada, teaches a three year Yoga Therapy course in Vancouver.

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