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With over 20 years of teaching Yoga, and over 24 years within the field of body-mind practices and awareness, I regularly offer to mentor participants on the Contemporary Yoga teacher trainings. I also mentor many teachers and students who have learnt from other schools, styles and teacher trainings.

Mentoring is where Yoga training becomes truly authentic - in a one to one format - where the student’s needs can be truly met on an individual, personal level.

Mentoring can take different formats and any aspect of Yoga and teaching Yoga can be looked at:

Your personal Yoga practice - how to approach setting up your practice - on a daily basis. We look at how we may develop your personal practice in a way that meets you on all levels - physically, emotionally, energetically, mindfully and spiritually (whatever that may mean for you).

Yoga Teaching:

  • I encourage you to step out and find your unique qualities as a Yoga teacher.
  • Reviewing and creating class plans, course plans, retreat plans and more. I will offer valuable feedback on all your classes.
  • Develop and refine your language and cueing for teaching.
  • I will support your short-term, medium-term and long-term goals and vision for teaching Yoga.
  • Find support through all the ups and down which inevitably occur during the life of a teacher.
  • Support with ethical quandaries which arise when teaching.
  • Learn how to grow your Yoga business.
  • Support your ongoing learning of Yoga and your personal growth.
  • And much more …

Mentoring sessions happen either face to face or over Skype and the fee is $85 per session (usually an hour long). They may be simply one session, or a whole program of sessions, meeting once a month for years.

Personally, I LOVE the mentoring process and find it incredibly rewarding. The key is building a positive, professional relationship which is mutually beneficial, enjoyable and valuable.

Yoga and teaching Yoga is a life-long passion for me and I look forward to sharing anything and everything I have learnt, and continue to learn, over many years of teaching.

Neal is available for mentoring –  please feel welcome to reach out.

Contact Neal:
021 180 7867.

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