We send prayers to all beings who are impacted by the global storm of Covid–19, whether they be in Aotearoa New Zealand, or anywhere in our world. This is still a time for kind and responsible action for the well-being of you, your family, friends and community. May you be well, be safe and kind and look after each other.

We want to let you know how Contemporary Yoga Teacher Training is meeting these challenging times, and about our policies around upcoming teacher trainings.

Please note that these policies and strategies are subject to change at short notice due to the nature of Covid and the changing situation in New Zealand.

Online Developments
As with many trainings worldwide, we are in the process of pivoting a significant part of training to be offered online, with pre-recorded videos, assignments and reflections, as well as live-streamed lessons over Zoom.

We are re-configuring our courses to be more modular in approach, which will offer students not only greater flexibility in how they complete their training but also a deeper and richer environment in which to learn. Students will have access to an increasing number of online resources, and they will be able to learn at their own pace and schedule, with our ongoing encouragement, support and mentoring.

Eventually, students will be able to complete a full Yoga Teacher Training online, if they wish.

In-person and Hybrid Trainings
In-person trainings will remain our main form of delivery and will continue to be offered where possible.

Where circumstances dictate, we will offer hybrid trainings. Upcoming 200 hour trainings will be a hybrid of online learning and in-person training.

YogaNZ and Yoga Alliance
All our 200 hour teacher training, whether in-person, online or hybrid, will retain registration with both Yoga New Zealand and Yoga Alliance.

Wellbeing and Safety on Training
It is, of course, our top priority that we maintain a safe space for you to learn when we gather for our in-person trainings. This has always been the case. We will follow all the recommended guidelines that our venue has in place. 

Feeling unwell on training: If you feel unwell on training, we ask that you stay home, rest and recommend you get tested. If you miss any part of the in-person training, we will do our utmost best to help you complete your training, whether it be online or via future trainings. It has always been our policy that students may re-take any part of the training they wish, at no extra cost (a few conditions do apply).

We know that there will be changes to guidelines in the future and we will continue to respond in such a way that allows us to be in the same space together.

Flourishing Communities and Healthy Debate
For many in our Yoga community in Aotearoa New Zealand, and also abroad, there have been a great many challenges as we meet the Covid epidemic. One of the challenges involves differences of opinions.

Within Contemporary Yoga, we too have had robust discussions amongst faculty. One thing which seems deeply important is that a difference of opinion does not have to lead to conflict and separation. We can listen to each person’s view, share what we understand, and be willing to shift our points of view. The scientist Einstein said that a measure of intelligence is our ability to change. And as one colleague suggested, there can be diversity and unity.

We can hopefully all agree that Yoga teaches us that Ahimsa (non-harming) is paramount, and offering a safe space will always be how we will proceed with all of our courses and trainings.

If you have any questions about these issues, please do reach out and email us on info@yogateachertraining.nz, or phone Neal on 021 180 7867, or Karla Brodie on 021 964 252.

Mā te Ngākau Aroha Koe e Ārahi
Let a loving heart guide your decisions.

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