This week’s interview is with Emma Parsons.

Emma completed her 200 hour teacher training with us in January 2020. She was invited back to support faculty and students on our 2 x10 day training later that year. Emma teaches in Dargaville and Baylys Beach. She has started her own business called Mind, Body and More.

We sent Emma a series of starter sentences and invited her to complete them …

Emma Parsons, Yoga Teacher and graduate from Contemporary Yoga Teacher Training

I practice Yoga because it enriches my experience of life. It guides me back to my centre and helps me to move into the world from a more resourced place.

To me, Yoga is a saviour and a vehicle for tapping into my superpower. Yoga gave me an awareness that I had a choice about how I could feel. I could feel whole. I could feel peace. I could feel good. I could feel connected to my body. The residue I felt after my first Yoga class was a turning point in my life. I will always be grateful to the practice.

As a Yoga teacher, I am most excited to share a contemporary approach to yoga. I love how students get to have their own experience and are given permission to explore, be curious and make their own choices.

I love how the movement principles offer a more sensate and felt experience of Yoga.

The most rewarding aspect of being a Yoga teacher for me is watching the symphony of movement as students move in an embodied way, in community. There is a transformative quality from when they arrive to when they leave as a result of the practice.

I also really enjoy the end of the practice, our Namaste where the students and I really stop to see the light in each other. Magnificent! I am appreciative to Neal for sharing this closing practice with me.

The most challenging aspect for me being a new Yoga teacher is accepting the uncomfortable parts of the learning process. I have made mistakes and questioned my ability to teach on a number of occasions.

I’m grateful for the on-going mentoring and relationship with the Contemporary Yoga faculty that give me an opportunity to work through the challenges and also to affirm that I can do this and that I am connected to a group of caring, intentional humans who teach Yoga.


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