to Yield
with Heart
to Joy

Contemporary Yoga presents
a weekend away together
at Mana Retreat.
2 - 3 - 4 September 2022

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07 866 8972

To yield with heart to joy: Join Karla Brodie, Neal Ghoshal, Haidee Stairmand and friends for a weekend of Yoga, somatics, Yoga Nidra, restorative, conversation, wander walking and great food. This is a time and space to connect, practice and regenerate on the land at Mana.

Who are we: Contemporary Yoga is a community of Yoga teachers and Yoga lovers dedicated to sharing their passion for nourishing Yoga and somatics practices. This year we are coming together for the first time at Mana to share our favourite Yoga and movement practices, poems and music. This is a weekend away to connect, practice, share, learn and be inspired.

Our approach … engages both with Eastern and Western thought, knowledge and practice. This integrated Yoga approach supports living life with deep insight, sensitivity, self knowing and resilience. Form is infused by the integration of natural and functional movement patterns encouraging freedom and grace in movement, posture and breath.

Who is this retreat for? Anyone who is interested in a fresh perspective to their practice, graduates of our Contemporary Yoga Teacher Training and lovers of Restorative Yoga, Yoga Nidra, somatics and nature. All the practices offered will be accessible, inclusive and kind.

A tentative schedule: The retreat starts with a nourishing lunch on Friday followed by an afternoon of an afternoon of sharing, unwinding and guided practice. This is followed by dinner and a gentle restorative practice before bedtime.

Saturday includes Yoga, somatics, walking with nature and meditation offering a balance of guided, shared and self practices. The day will finish with a nourishing evening class together.

We’ll come together in practice on Sunday morning then complete our weekend with a wholesome lunch before we return home.

We look forward to sharing our passion and love of Yoga, movement, rest and connection with you ~ Karla, Haidee and Neal

To Yield To Heart To Joy 2022

2 - 3 - 4 September 2022
Price: $580-$650 shared or single rooms available
Bookings: >>
07 866 8972
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Haidee Stairmand

Haidee Stairmand

Haidee brings a pragmatic approach to her teaching and offers students a clear, approachable and understandable way to develop their Yoga through self-sensing, and awareness.

She is passionate about making Yoga accessible for all, enabling an individualistic approach.

She has a unique ability to connect to others in a simple but profound way and sees Yoga as a holistic therapeutic modality that encompasses traditional and contemporary approaches to the practice.

Karla Brodie

Karla Brodie

Intuitive, honest, attentive, creative, joyful and full of expression — there’s something about Karla that speaks directly to your insides, and suddenly you realise you have a newfound conversation with your inner world as well as you gain a deeper understanding of balanced posture and integrated movement.

Neal Ghoshal

Neal Ghoshal

When someone loves what they do with all of their heart, it emanates to everyone they work with. Neal is one of these people.

His teaching focuses on exploring and refining natural movement and alignment principles, and to embody these in a way that takes our spiritual practice into our everyday lives.

A safe haven in a beautiful part of the country in which to restore the body and soul with amazing nourishment and comaraderie.

Terri Cavanagh

I left with a deeper sense of fulfillment and love and kindness for myself. It was a very special time supported so thoughtfully and beautifully by Karla and Neal and the team.

Tessa Jonassen

The perfect combination of movement, connection, rest, embodiment and more. Mana retreat is also the perfect setting where you feel calm and at ease as soon as you enter.

Lucy Tofield

Thanks Karla and Neal for the amazing weekend. It was a beautiful gift to be here. Your peaceful and loving energy certainly made the weekend special.


There was a profound truth and ease present here that made it possible to discover some of one’s own profound truths and ease.


Being on retreat with you Karla and Neal is so utterly nourishing, relaxing and restoring. You both live and embody your teachings which makes the experience even more special. Thank you.

Karen Ross

Mana Retreat

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