Karla Brodie
Karla Brodie
Phone Number
021 964 252
Location / Country
Auckland, New Zealand.
Classes / Courses
Karla’s classes are at The Contemporary Yoga Centre, Remuera

Grace, heart, balance, rest

Begin, gentle, foundations, breath
Rest, roll, form, flow

Ease, connect, deeply rest

Breathe, nourish, regenerate

I offer workshops, retreats and special gatherings
Workshops / Retreats
Regular offerings of Restorative Yoga and yoga teacher trainings. Neal Ghoshal I co-host our yearly Restorative Yoga Retreat at Mana Retreat.
About / Bio
Karla is an experienced and qualified yoga teacher. She is inspired to share the practice and philosophy of yoga in a simple, joyful, self renewing way. Her practical and intuitive approach leads students toward a deeper experiential understanding of breath, balanced posture and integrated movement.

Karla specializes in restorative yoga, a deeply nourishing and balancing practice for the whole body and in particular the nervous system. She effectively works with students unwinding from high stress, fatigue and hyperventilation.

The foundation of Karla’s teaching is within the human developmental movement patterns. Embodying these self renewing patterns restores effortless breathing, ease, fluidity and cohesion in movement. Karla’s teachings, interwoven with the traditional and eternally relevant eight limbs of yoga, offer a holistic approach to the practice of yoga.
More Offerings
Yoga Teacher Training
I am available for private tuition
Yoga teacher mentoring
Workplace wellness programmes
Passionate About ...
n a t u r e - b e e s , s l o t h s , m o s s , b e a v e r s , r e g e n e r a t i v e g a r d e n i n g p r a c t i c e s , e d u c a t i o n
"Since commencing my practice with you Karla, it has shown me that yoga doesn’t have to be about perfection, but more it is about gently connecting to our wondrous bodies, minds, hearts, and souls.

I love the whole yoga practise now - all of it, not just the end Savasana. I enter each class not fearing it, but knowing it is going to make me feel soooo good.

I leave the class feeling centred and my whole being feels that it has been loved, not judged, and for that I am forever grateful!"
Qualifications / Teacher Level
500 hour EYT
3 year apprenticeship Yoga Academy 1999-2002
Donna Farhi advanced teacher training, participant, assistant, faculty.
Currently a student on the SME - BMC training in Melbourne

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