I am really glad I chose this training because it has given me tools to communicate with any kind of student as well as connecting my personal practice to a field of infinite potential. It offered a perspective of yoga that is deep yet accessible. The teachers have incredible knowledge and experience but most importantly creative ways of sharing their knowledge.

A journey of self discovery, guided by a group of genuinely caring professionals. I leave the course feeling enriched.

More than I could ever have asked for. The teachings were just so insightful. Even with not having English as my first language, it was so easy to follow the material and classes. Thank you for making it so fun and accessible.

I feel enriched on many levels… Yoga history, Somatics, anatomy, business aspects, understanding movement much more deeply and absorbing it into my body not just my head.

Excellent value for money. I will be forever grateful and am excited about the future once more.

I’ve learnt so much on this course about so many things: Yoga philosophy, anatomy, the body, how we move and how we can maintain or rediscover movement throughout our lives.

I would highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to learn more about yoga with an enquiry based approach in a kind and caring environment.

Karla and Neal have created a course that is completely inclusive and is infused with kindness, curiosity and wisdom. All are welcome in the practice of Contemporary Yoga.

At the end of this course I am more knowledgeable, more able, more confident and more authentic. I have been moved and changed through this journey.

Neal and Karla are truly committed to this work on such a deep level, and you can tell that from the way they are in the world. I am awed by how ahead of their time they are in this work, and think it is really groundbreaking.

I haven’t found anyone doing it the way they are. I can’t wait for their book to come out!! I highly highly HIGHLY recommend working with them.

Karla and Neal are incredible. They are truly exceptional teachers. They have such care, and hold such safe, honouring spaces, in a way I haven’t experienced with any other Yoga teachers.

This was a really warm, exciting, encouraging and profound learning experience. The facilitation was awesome and there was such a wonderful sense of community amongst the practitioners. A beautiful balance of life-to-life and individual learning. I am so inspired to continue with the practice and to find ways to integrate it into other areas of my life and to share it with others.

This training has been an incredible gift for me and I am excited to share the teachings with others.

The level of care, creativity, and personalization that Contemporary Yoga brings to the practice is incredibly special.

The learning environment was so supportive, inclusive and warm. Being able to immerse in this process was so valuable for my learning and development.

This Yoga teacher training has been the perfect grounding and base for springing forward into my teaching and personal practice journey. I am so inspired and invigorated to learn more and continue to explore all the concepts and topics that we have delved into.

Thank you so much to all of the incredible teachers for their wisdom, kindness, professionalism and generosity during this teacher training and beyond.

This Yoga teacher training and experience completely exceeded my expectations. There is so much intentionality from the teachers from the course materials, resources, programming and delivery that the entire experience feels like a Masterclass in unity. Every single topic we learned was applicable and necessary to my journey, learning and development as an aspiring Yoga teacher.

The Contemporary approach to Yoga is so much more than how we move on the mat. It speaks to how we move through life. How we are in relationship to self and in relationship to others.

Thank you for an incredibly potent, immersive and all-round epic training.

My Contemporary Yoga Teacher Training not only taught me to deepen my Yoga practice, it taught me to live a better life.

Spending 18 days around these teachers who live and breathe Yoga, exuding loving kindness and care in every moment, not to mention life-long friends I have made with my peers has made for me an experience I will never forget.

This training went above and beyond my expectations.

How wonderful, magical and unique it is when people come together and harmonize, creating a field that becomes nourishing for all participants and where many unique expressions find a safe place to share who they are and how they feel. 

The teachers have been so good at conveying the teachings through their joy, enthusiasm and love for Yoga.  They have been delicate, sensitive, caring to each and every participant.

Contemporary Yoga is not so much a style but an approach to movement that combines ancient wisdom and modern research. The depth of knowledge the teachers can give you is immeasurable, and you’ll never look at Yoga in the same way.

All teachers bring to this amazing training a vast experience, each one of them with their own identity and authenticity.

The Contemporary Yoga approach is to truly explore Yoga as a discipline which includes movement principles, patterns, Yoga traditions, anatomy, physiology, and much more.

This is the training that you really need – it will change your everyday life.

It was an intensive training but it felt like a retreat. There were challenges but we all went through together with support and help from all the teachers. Everything we learned was useful and practical.

This training has everything!

Karla, Neal, Sam and Haidee offer such rich tools and concepts within this course. There’s a real consideration around feelings of safety and support which I appreciated so very much.

You will be offered the juiciest of fruits and from their it’s your turn to squeeze the juice out and into your palms. An incredibly self-empowering training offering an alternate approach to traditional forms of Yoga.

What a way to further study and get deeper in my spiritual journey.

Contemporary Yoga Teacher Training has created the most valuable pathway for me to explore and dive within myself.

A journey – Shola home!

Thanks for being supportive in all ways. You cared for each us every day. Your knowledge and guidance are outstanding. You created a safe and contained space where we could learn and learn from each other.

The training was such an amazing, exploratory journey of movement, anatomy, philosophy and so much more conveyed with enthusiasm, kindness, realness and acceptance.

I learned so much that I didn’t know I wanted to know and am excited to continue my Yoga journey.

… diverse, enlightening and empowering. The course exceeded my highest expectations and has equipped me with a toolbox of yoga teachings that I could apply in many circumstances to a wide variety of students.

I was lucky enough to be part of two different cohorts and in both I was surrounded by a delightful collection of beautiful individuals from very different backgrounds and of vastly different ages.

All teachers bring to this amazing training a vast experience, each one of them with their own identity and authenticity. 

The Contemporary Yoga approach is to truly explore Yoga as a discipline which includes movement principles, patterns, Yoga traditions, anatomy, physiology, and much more.

This is the training that you really need – it will change your everyday life.

The Pregnancy Teacher Training provided me with all the tools necessary to safely and effectively guide women through a Yoga practice during their childbirth journey.

The incredible wisdom and knowledge shared by the facilitators, allowed me to step competently into teaching Pregnancy Yoga with confidence soon after completion of the training.

As an extra bonus I have also been able to weave the learning I absorbed during the teacher training into my role as a midwife.

There is a richness and depth to this content with its real-life (on and off the mat) applicability. I have been moved by the sincerity and support of the teachers. I am so excited to share these teachings in a way that is accessible and empowering for students and wider community members.

This training is carefully considered, expansive and practical. It goes deeper and beyond asanas as the poster shapes of yoga and provides an incredible grounding and insight into yoga as a morphing, ongoing inquiry into life itself.

The sequence of this course is undeniably strong and grounded. All the teachers bring compassion, ease, knowledge, flavour, enquiry and wholeness to everything they show, do, present and give. Making this course a full embodied experience, exploration and foundation to enliven new thoughts and ideas to take away for our own self-practice and to share with others.

The amount of knowledge and understanding, experience and love that has gone into the teacher training is truly epic and has enabled such a deep and rich learning experience.

Each teacher’s passion for sharing and facilitating is evident in the generosity of spirit and unique sharing of knowledge.

Karla and Neal provide a rich colour palette for the aspiring artist.

The learning I have gained from this course of really helped me find not only my yoga knowledge, but myself. I thank the team for the amazing work they put into this course, as I have come out of it with a new perspective.

As I leave the training I can confidently say that I have come closer to my true nature, and I’m able to come closer to this more and more every day.

I strongly recommend this training. It’s a life-changing experience. The way I see things, smell, feel and my energy have completely changed throughout the course consistently. Beyond expectation. Absolutely worth the investment after many long years I’ve finally met myself!

Simply, divine! Organic! Full of love!

I can truly say that this training would benefit any yoga teacher – in fact, any person with a yoga practice. I not only gained a more compassionate perspective to yoga, but also toward myself.

Simply fantastical.

I’ve learnt so much about Yoga and myself, met so many wonderful people, and have made lifelong friends.

Contemporary Yoga has changed the way I move – through life!

Karla, Neal and Haidee’s passion is contagious and this course is a real journey to embrace.

Exploring movement and asana in a refreshing way that deepened my self-discovery and personal physical understanding.

This course will really make you think about Yoga. It’s full of creative, fun and innovative thinking that will enhance your own practice and enliven your own classes.

This is Yoga for life!

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