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Karla is an experienced and qualified yoga teacher. She is inspired to share the practice and philosophy of yoga in a simple, joyful, self renewing way. Her practical and intuitive approach leads students toward a deeper experiential understanding of breath, balanced posture and integrated movement.

Karla specializes in restorative yoga, a deeply nourishing and balancing practice for the whole body and in particular the nervous and digestive systems. She effectively works with students unwinding from high stress, fatigue and hyperventilation.

The foundation of Karla’s teaching is within the human developmental movement patterns. Embodying these self renewing patterns restores effortless breathing, ease, fluidity and cohesion in movement. Karla’s teachings offer a holistic approach to the practice of yoga.

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We return to our original state, one of content, equanimity and wholeness, interconnected to all of life.


Through consistent practice of yoga we may experience our life with ease and grace, and throughout difficulty feel well resourced to survive and accept any challenges free of fear.

Karla Brodie - Yoga Teacher Training

Karla Brodie: Yoga Training

1994 Began practice
1999-2002 Auckland Yoga Academy, a comprehensive three year teacher training apprenticeship.
2002 Began study with Donna Farhi
2004 Advanced Teacher Training with Donna Farhi (part 1)
2005 Advanced Teacher Training with Donna Farhi (part 2)
2006-2007 Assistant to Donna Farhi on numerous intensives/retreats
2007 Advanced Teacher Training with Donna Farhi as assistant
2010 Advanced Teacher Training with Donna Farhi as assistant/senior associate
2013-15 Yoga Teacher Training Tutor for Integrated Yoga Teacher Training
2015 Advanced Teacher Training with Donna Farhi as co-teacher
2015 Yoga Teacher Training Tutor with The Centre For Contemporary Yoga Studies

Beyond the yoga mat, Karla has for many years been involved in community garden initiatives. In more recent years she regularly travels to India and Nepal, teaching and learning yoga within two Tibetan Buddhist monasteries. Karla runs annual Rest Gatherings to provide funds for much needed environmental initiatives around and within the monastery community.


Sarah Hart

Karla is intuitive, honest, attentive, creative, joyful and full of expression — there’s something about her that speaks directly to your insides, and suddenly you realise you have a newfound conversation with your inner world as well. What a gift!

She’s guided me, sometimes without even a word, to explore subtleties of myself with renewed awareness and understanding, allowing me to learn, experience and absorb. Karla’s curiosity and playfulness spread easily to those she teaches, and there’s always an underlying point that we arrive at seemingly on our own. Often it’s about connectedness, balance, or the freedom to explore.

Always it’s delivered gently with integrity and care for the people she touches. I’ve learned to let go, settle down, open up, and inquire within. All of these are beautiful antidotes to habits I’d picked up over time.

By the end of our course, I felt so much gratitude for how much more in touch I was with myself and other humans as a whole. All teachers, and all people, can take these seeds and grow.

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