Donna Farhi Continuity Classes

with Karla Brodie and Neal Ghoshal

August to November 2021

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A series of online classes supporting
Donna Farhi’s Art of Teaching course

We are excited and honoured to be part of and supporting the Art Of Teaching. We have been students and colleagues of Donna’s work and teachings for many years and they deeply influence our approach to teaching and sharing Yoga.

To register for any of the six classes with Karla or Neal, please see further below and click on the Register Here links.

Registration is through Zoom, and is simple - it only takes a moment. Registration is essential to attend each live class, or view each of the recorded sessions. By registering, you are agreeing to receive an email from us with the recording link.

The recorded sessions will be available until Sunday 21st November 2021. The recordings will include the classes but not the Questions and Answers as personal information might be shared in that section of class.

Please remember these classes are solely for participants of Donna’s Art of Teaching course.

Classes dates, times and Registration

Joy and Rest with Karla Brodie
Monday 30th August, 7pm
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The Fluid Body with Neal Ghoshal
Thursday 16th September, 7pm
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Our Vital Organs with Karla Brodie
Monday 27th September, 7pm
(please note daylight saving change)
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Moving From Centre with Neal Ghoshal
Thursday 14th October, 7pm
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Sequential Flow and Rest with Karla Brodie
Monday 25th October, 7pm
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Pausing, Feeling, Moving, Resting, Being with Neal Ghoshal
Thursday 11th November, 7pm
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Set up for your Zoom classes:

  • Have your space ready - a Yoga mat and any props to support your practice - we suggest a few blankets and bolsters if you have them.
  • Setup your device to have full view of your mat with space around your mat.
  • Click Join Zoom Meeting in the email you receive once you have registered, and let’s begin!

All class times with Karla and Neal are at New Zealand local time.
See world clock time converter >> 

We are also delighted to be offering these online classes along with our friends and colleagues, Lisa Petersen and Adelene Cheong.

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Karla Brodie

Yoga as is a timeless art and science of arriving in the present moment with vivid aliveness, interconnected to all of life.

My intention is to share regenerative movement and rest practices that may cultivate the qualities joy, ease, grace and surrender. I’m passionate about by the ‘as-it-is-ness’ of how we are, answered by our cells, and how an authentic and nourishing movement practice might emerge. It’s a joy to be a part of the ‘Art of Teaching’ with you, Donna is my beloved teacher and I look forward to sharing some of my favourite practices.

Karla’s offerings are founded in the study of nature, embodied anatomy, and deep rest.

She is inspired to share the practice of yoga to enhance awareness of breath, movement and conscious rest in everyday life. Karla is dedicated to refining the art of teaching through mindful inquiry based language, subtle yet effective touch, and integrated embodiment through self-renewing, effortless effort.

Over numerous years as a passionate ‘rester’, Karla has in collaborated with a community of dedicated students and colleagues to create a unique and innovative approach to the practice of Restorative Yoga.

Neal Ghoshal

Neal has been practicing Yoga for over 20 years and teaching since 2003. He sees Yoga as a guide to restoring our place and understanding of who we are and how we can live peacefully, happily and fulfilled.

Deeply influenced by Donna Farhi’s approach (as well as other inspirational leaders in Yoga), Neal’s teaching focuses on exploring and refining natural movement and alignment principles – learning to embody these principles in a way that may take our practice into our everyday lives.

Neal has taught on teacher training programs in Australia and New Zealand, has been part of senior faculty on Donna Farhi’s Advanced Teacher Training. Along with his friend and colleague Karla Brodie, he is a founder member and part of the core faculty of Contemporary Yoga Teacher Training.

Ultimately, the practice of Yoga leads us to a place where we may respond to life’s challenges with ease in our breath and body, with wise choices, and with kindness and a compassionate heart.

Neal’s Continuity Classes
Exploring and demonstrating how the principles of The Art Of Teaching may be incorporated into Yoga classes. Encouraging self-care, permission and freedom for students to listen and respond to their body sensations, and empower themselves to discover their own movement.

The classes will include dynamic movement and meditation, kindness, mindfulness, Restorative Yoga and Yoga Nidra.

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