Applied Yoga Therapy

Two 4-Day “weekends”, Thursday to Sunday: June 16-19 and July 14-17, 2016

The biomechanics of asana. A methodical journey through the body stopping at all the joints and investigating their movement from structural and functional biomechanical perspectives. The classes will incorporate musculo-skeletal anatomy in a practical hands-on way. Impairment scenarios will be discussed, posture analysed and patterns of movement explored. Students are invited to bring case studies and scenarios from their own yoga classes for discussion. Teaching practicuums are a component of the module.

Asanas will be demystified in relation to fundamental movement principles and then re-assembled and incorporated into the teaching situation.

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Tantric Philosophy & Practice

Samkya Yoga, Avaita Vedanta, and Tibetan Buddhism all share a common root in the Vedas. They have diverged into distinct traditions with different orientations to freedom. We will be exploring how the Tantric traditions differ fundamentally from the approach of Patangali’s Sutras.

Chakras, tattwas, pranas, gunas, koshas and nadis are tantalizing components of the subtle body.

Through creative visualisation and guided meditation the subtle body manifests and awakens us to new realms of experience and understanding.

These experiences help us understand our daily life and yoga practice in more open, less ego-driven ways.

Philosophy connected to deep practice is the most powerful tool for breaking open the conventional view of life.


Rediscover the wonder and curiosity of a child in these classes.

Yoga Alliance Accreditation

Graduates of the Contemporary Yoga Teacher Training courses can apply for international accreditation through Yoga Alliance.

The training is offered in two segments, 200 hours and 300 hours, permitting teachers that complete their trainings to become either a RYT 200 or a RYT 500, depending on the level of training completed.

For more details visit Yoga Alliance website at

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