Applied Yoga Therapeutics

Two 4-Day “weekends”, Thursday to Sunday: August 25-28 and September 22-25, 2016 

The focus in this module is yoga therapy, with an emphasis on your work as a teacher, with both classes and individual clients. Students will be required to write up and present case studies to the class. We will have face-to-face clients at some of the sessions for the group to work with.

This module will be of particular interest to yoga teachers and students who wish to further advance their understanding of common ailments in terms of the yogic model of the koshas, and who wish to support and treat clients and students suffering from specific medical conditions.

The 300-Hour Yoga Teacher Training modules are for Professional Development.

All Yoga Teacher Training hours are valid for your Yoga Alliance accreditation.

Yogic treatments will include asana, breath, meditation and sound practices.

On completing this module students will be competent to advise on specific common ailments that are presented by their clients in one-on-one yoga therapy sessions, or by their students in class.


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Buddhist Philosophy and Practice An investigation of core yoga teachings of the Buddha including the four noble truths and the eight-fold path and the five precepts. We will be looking at the development of Buddhism through the Hinayana, Mahayamna and Vajrayana teachings.  These teaching will be related to Patangali’s Sutras and the Bhagavad Gita where appropriate.

The Yoga Therapeutics module

  • understanding neuromuscular connections and sensory engrams
  • koshas to investigate the conditions of students and clients
  • presenting and investigating case studies
  • deepen your understanding of effective yoga therapy
  • Buddhist philosophy and its relevance to modern patterns of thinking

Client conditions will be investigated in terms of physical, energetic, and mental processes. In combination with Yogic methodologies, students will also be considering western practices to substantiate their findings. i.e. physical diagnosis, physiotherapy techniques, massage and other modalities.

vincent bolletta yoga warrior pose

The scope of conditions will include clients with herniated discs, anxiety, stress disorder, cystic fibrosis, hip replacement, replaced joints, artificial limbs, repetitive strain through yoga practice, ill advised yoga programs that have resulted in damage, life style imbalances, chronic fatigue and cancer.

Learn Integrated Yoga Techniques & Methodologies

You will learn valuable techniques to enhance your own yoga practice as well as gain the skills to teach yoga principles to others in a safe and relaxed environment:

  • Fluid Support – Breath and Vinyasa Flow – The Art of Salute To the Sun
  • Finding The Ground – Yielding, Gravity, Breath. Theory and Practice
  • Stability, Balance, Neutrality – Foundations and Moving through the Field of Stillness
  • Teaching Inversions – Fundamentals, Safety, Contra-Indications, Set up

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