Yoga Teacher Training 300-Hour Modules

The 300-Hour Yoga Teacher Training courses are suitable for yoga teachers with 200-Hour accredited training, and for personal and professional development.

This program runs as a series of distinct modules, each consisting of two 4-day weekends.

We are currently updating and expanding our range of modules that we offer. To complete a 300 hour program you will need to attend at least 4 modules consisting of 32 days of training.

The modules can be taken to suit your own calendar, or as stand-alone professional development courses.

Individual modules can be taken by experienced Yoga Teachers for professional development and up-skilling.

Each day starts at 7.30am and finishes at 6pm.

500-Hour yoga teacher training accreditation

If you have completed our 200 hour program, or another Yoga Alliance accredited 200 hour program, then completing our 300 hour program will mean that you are eligible to apply to Yoga Alliance for RYT500 accreditation.

The additional 300 hours in this program are structured to provide advanced experience and understanding in all aspects of yoga, and to facilitate teaching to all levels and conditions of students.

Yoga Alliance is an internationally recognised certification.

The modules can be taken in any order and over a number of years.

We are also currently developing our courses in a way which we hope will allow students, depending on which courses and modules they complete, to apply for Yoga Australia accreditation. Watch this space!

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Module Dates

Developmental Movement in Yoga 2018
24-27 March

21-24 April

Somatics and Mindfulness 2018
16-19 June
28-31 July

Restorative Yoga 2018
8-11 September
6-9 October

Flow 2018
2018 dates to be confirmed

Fertility, Pregnancy, and Post-Natal
2018 dates to be confirmed

Teaching Yoga To Children
2018 dates to be confirmed

Yoga Alliance

Modules can be used to add training hours for Yoga Alliance accreditation for students on our courses. Prerequisite for 300 hour accreditation is a 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training.


Course and Module Fees

Full price per module $1600. Early Bird price $1500 per module. Early Bird bookings can save you $100 on any module.

Full price of the 300 hour training is $5800. Early Bird price is $4700, saving you $1100 on the full program, and making each module just $1175. These prices are for 4 modules - 32 days of training.

Early Bird closes one month prior to start date of any module. Modules may be taken in any order.

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Somatics and Mindfulness

with Dyana Wells
Two 4-Day “weekends”
13-16 July & 10-13 August 2017

In this course we will be exploring the principles of somatic movement, diving deep to see how adaption to life circumstances creates difficult movement patterns, emotions and unhealthy organ function. We will learn how to work with the body to restore natural movement in a safe effective way.

  • Study musclo-skeletal anatomy and function
  • Learn the principles of neuro-muscular reprogramming
  • And much more

Learn More

The Art of Restorative Yoga

with Karla Brodie, Neal Ghoshal and Dyana Wells
Two 4-Day “weekends”
14-17 September & 12-15 October

  • Learn to teach Restorative Yoga classes and workshops
  • Indepth breakdown of Restorative Yoga postures and their variations
  • Deeper into the Bhagavad Gita
  • The Autonomic Nervous System and Endocrine System
  • iRest Yoga Nidra

More on Restorative Yoga


with Vincent Bolleta
Two 4-Day “weekends”
4-7 November and 2-5 December
(please note the Mondays finish at 4.30pm)

The Flow Module is based on human developmental patterns.

Sequencing is practiced through creative and imaginative explorations. We use this as the basis of gaining greater insight to individual function and how we transition through space as well as understanding ones physical, mental and energetic needs.

Full Details on Flow

Developmental Movement Patterns

2018 dates to be confirmed

  • Indepth exploration into primary movement patterns: Cellular Respiration, Navel Radiation, Mouthing, Spinal Integration, Vertebral Patterns of movement and much more
  • Learn to move and practice Yoga with great ease and integration
  • Relating yoga practices to all the systems of the body, e.g. organs, fluid body etc
  • Indepth into Patangali’s Sutras
  • Meditating with the body
  • Body-Mind Centering practices

Fertility, Pregnancy, and Post-Natal
2018 dates to be confirmed

Teaching Yoga To Children
2018 dates to be confirmed


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