Yoga Vocals:
Vocal awareness & strengthening for Yoga teachers with Sylvia Rands

Saturday 12th September, 12-5pm, $121
St Heliers Community Centre
100, St Heliers Bay Road

An introduction to the Authentic Voice

HOW your voice communicates is a large part of teaching.

Does it carry with ease? Sound and feel authentic, welcoming, grounded?

Is it flexible and emotionally alive?

Does it have the clarity that allows you to fully serve your content?

Do you feel confident and empowered in your sharing and in
your presence?

This workshop introduces you to the potential of your voice and offers an individual vocal diagnostic. Enjoy the power of AUM!

I have had the pleasure of learning from Sylvia over the past few years and have really benefited from her mentoring to develop and refine my voice for teaching. Sylvia’s approach is based on the elements and is accessible for everyone — she is an inspiring, encouraging teacher.
Karla Brodie

Supported Reclined Bound Angle

Sylvia Rands offers a dynamic approach to voice training designed to awaken and empower voice, body and
being. She has over 30 years experience in voice training and sound healing.

As VocalVision Voiceworks she teaches her Four Elements Voice methodology and is deeply committed to supporting people awaken their authentic voice and speak freely from the heart.

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