Somatics and Mindfulness

with Dyana Wells

Two 4-Day Weekends
Saturday to Tuesday: 15-18 June and 27-30 July 2019

In this course we will be exploring the principles of somatic movement, diving deep to see how adaption to life circumstances creates difficult movement patterns, difficult emotional patterns and unhealthy organ function. We will learn how to work with the body to restore natural movement in a safe effective way.

We  will be studying musclo-skeletal anatomy and function in depth to understand how and why we do what we do, and why somatic exercises are so effective. We will be learning the principles of neuro-muscular reprogramming to understanding the interaction between the brain and the muscles.

The course incorporates Buddhist principles and practice, in particular the foundation practices of mindfulness, Tibetan Kum Nye yoga exercises and the four Brahma Viharas; loving kindness, compassion, sympathetic joy and equanimity.

We heal through the mind, the energy body and the physical body, and in this course we will be exploring the different ways these bodies work and interact to restore health.

Teaching practice is a key part of the training and students will have plenty of opportunity to practice their teaching in front of the small group and receive constructive feedback from the teacher and the other students.


Sarah Ford

Anatomy is probably my favourite subject! Dyana is incredibly knowledgeable and shares her enthusiasm infectiously! Great combination of talk and practical.


Lori Leigh

Dyana was clear, flexible and attentive to the entire class. I really appreciated her warmth and investment in her teaching.


Kelly Watson

Dyana brings an inspiring enthusiasm and genuine curiosity to her teachings. Her wealth and depth of knowledge and experience are shared with a passion and delight, encouraging a spirit of enquiry and nurturing a love of learning in her students.


Juliet Slovgrove

I found it absolutely fascinating to learn how and why the body works as it does. Everything was relevant, Dyana related each and every aspect we covered right from the cells to how they relate to the practice of yoga. This knowledge will definitely make me a better teacher, and there are many ways that I will be able to integrate it into my teaching.

I found Dyana really inspirational.


Melissa Gardiner

Meditation practices were brilliant, as were the talks. A wealth of knowledge.


Candice Lewis

I loved the close attention to body, breath and the relationship to the ground. That was something I really needed and will be useful in whatever work I do with people, no matter what. I loved all the spiritual stuff, into it, find it beautiful and useful.

Dyana Wells, Somatics, Anatomy, Mindfulness and Philosophy teacher, Contemporary Yoga Teacher Training
Dyana Wells, Somatics, Anatomy, Mindfulness and Philosophy teacher, Contemporary Yoga Teacher Training
Dyana Wells, Somatics, Anatomy, Mindfulness and Philosophy teacher, Contemporary Yoga Teacher Training

Sample Schedule

7.30 - 9am Somatics practice

9.30am - 12pm Yoga Philosophy from a Buddhist perspective. Mindfulness practices including Kum Nye. The Brahma Viharas theory and practice. 

12pm - 1.30pm Applied anatomy theory and practice. Bones, Joints, Muscles, anatomy trains Neuro-muscular reprogramming. Theory of somatic reeducation. How we learn movement.

2.30pm - 3.30pm Applied Anatomy.

3.30pm - 4.30pm Teaching practice.

4.30 - 6pm A yoga Class incorporating somatice principles.

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