KeiShana Coursey
KeiShana Coursey
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Christchurch, New Zealand
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Pregnancy Continuum Yoga Teacher Training
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“KeiShana never seems to utter a word that doesn’t have a powerful impact on the listener.”
Sonya Simpson’s feedback to Yoga Lunchbox following Hau Ora Yoga Conference 2018

KeiShana is a women’s’ health professional who has lived in the world of childbirth since her own pregnancy, near seventeen years ago. Until recently she practiced as a midwife in the community, focusing on homebirth and primary unit birth, until crossing the bridge into Christchurch Women’s Hospital, catching babies on the Birthing Suite and in theater. Having specialised in PTSD, trauma release (alongside generalised motivational sessions), as a coach - her private work drew her out of the public health sector where she continues to pour her passion into mind and body-based therapies.

As a natural communicator, she has coached, mentored, presented and publicly spoken nationally and internationally. As a committed lifetime learner, KeiShana loves being part of a learning environment and shines as a facilitator, particularly in her co-created Birth Skills Workshops It is here that the emphasis on a whole body health approach to the pregnancy continuum has become most apparent.

“My passion lies in the synergy between art and science, ancient and contemporary, innate and evidence-based ways of knowing.”

In her younger years (battling with inter-generational mental health challenges and a myriad of addictions), she trained as a Neurolinguistic Programming Master Practitioner, HNLP Life Coach and immersed herself in the world of behavioural change, hypnotherapy, meditation and mindfulness. Her practice of yoga has supported her throughout, transformed, nourished, and replenished her inside and out.

Based in Christchurch, KeiShana teaches yoga at Flow Hot Yoga studio and privately coaches yoga as well as providing generalised and pregnancy-specific trauma relief sessions.

In the Pregnancy Continuum Yoga Teacher Training, you will receive her enthusiasm, compassion, and wild-woman feminist. Balanced with a dose of humour she offers an invitation to become your most extraordinary Self.

“For me, Yoga is an ancient practice that recognises the body as a complexity of prana (energy) within the body layers (koshas). This practice encompasses movement (asana) flowing with the breath body (pranamaya), in union with contemplative practices that serve to address the egoic mind (yamas/niyamas).

I believe Yoga is rooted in the fundamental human need to connect; to self-others and Life, remembering who we are and have always been one. I commit to living authentically, mindfully, sustainably in this world.”
More Offerings
For 1:1 Private Coaching session via Skype/Facetime/Zoom or if in ChCh, face to face, email or call 021980859
KeiShana has a clear passion for her craft and has spent many years becoming a leader in the field so you know you are in very good hands. Her approach is refreshing, upbeat and inclusive which allows for a lot of interaction - Ben

“I vividly remember my first interaction with KeiShana. I was 20 weeks pregnant with our beautiful daughter Esme, and needing desperately to find a midwife to replace the rather nonchalant one I had. I simply knew there could be more to birth than that.

In the space of a couple of days I was given KeiShana’s number by 4 unrelated people. Our first conversation left me feeling full. Full of confidence, joy, support and a deep respect and awareness for the fullness of transformation growing inside my belly and mind. Her care as a midwife /coach transcended the status quo, allowed for open, honest conversations about birth - both of the mama and the baby. Conversations grounded in science but propelled into a higher space and perspective of viewing life, if indeed that was what I wanted. And yes, it was. That birth opened up a new place in me - Charlotte

I’ve had the joy and honour of working with KeiShana for over a year both in person and via video call. She is the most beautiful combination of conventional therapy and a holistic mind/body/spirit trainer. Direct and no nonsense when she needs to be while being gentle and nurturing when she recognises you need that kind of care. Always compassionate and enlightening ... I couldn’t recommend her highly enough - Grace
Qualifications / Teacher Level
YA EYT 500 with Contemporary Yoga
Bachelor of Midwifery
Registered Midwife
Neurolinguistic Programming Master Practitioner
HNLP Coach Practitioner + Hypnotherapist
iRest - (Lvl 1)
Hansa Yoga Therapist (In Training)
KeiShana has been a yogi since her teens and considers herself to have a myriad of inspirational teachers who continue to guide her simultaneous unfolding and return to Self.

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