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Neal has been practicing yoga for eighteen years and teaching since 2003. He sees yoga as a map guiding us home to a place of peace and relaxed openness in each moment. Neal’s teaching focuses on exploring and refining natural movement and alignment principles – learning to embody these principles in a way that takes our spiritual practice into our everyday lives.

Neal has taught on training programs in Australia and New Zealand, and has been part of the teaching faculty on renown teacher Donna Farhi’s Advanced Teacher Training.

Neal is also an experienced Holistic and Thai massage therapist, an accomplished musician and kirtan chant leader, and loves the 5Rhythms movement practice which his partner Sacha Paddy teaches.

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Ultimately, the practice of yoga leads us to a place where we may respond to life’s challenges with ease in our breath and body, with wise choices, and with kindness and an open heart.

Neal’s Yoga Path

Practicing yoga since 1998
2003 : Ashram Yoga Teacher Training (Satyananda)
2005 : Yoga Academy, Auckland, a full year of various module certificates
2007 : Advanced Teacher Training with Donna Farhi
2010 : Advanced Teacher Training with Donna Farhi as teaching assistant
2012 : Advanced Teacher Training with Donna Farhi as senior faculty
2012 : Primary Teacher on Teacher Training, Yoga Spirit Studios, Adelaide
2013-15: Integrated Yoga Teacher Training, Kawai Purapura and Auckland
2013-15: iRest Yoga Nidra Level 1 and 2 Training with Richard Miller
2015 : Advanced Teacher Training with Donna Farhi as senior faculty
2015: Yoga Teacher Training with The Centre For Contemporary Yoga Studies
2017: iRest Certification
plus countless movement, yoga, meditation workshops and retreats 🙂


Sarah Hart

When someone loves what they do with all of their heart, it emanates to everyone they work with. Neal is one of these people.

His genuine kindness and joy of teaching are as much a blessing to receive as his depth of knowledge. My brain feels expanded with new know-how, tools and understanding, and even better, my body and spirit feel deeply nurtured by what I’ve learned with his guidance.

There’s a beautiful element of self-care, support and strength in what Neal shares which I believe can benefit everyone on this planet. Yoga Nidra with iRest is something I’m particularly grateful for and will explore more in the future for myself and to share with others.

Even in my daily life after the course, I hear Neal’s voice occasionally encouraging me to inquire: “What would make me feel more comfortable right now?” It’s simple but profound! To know how to create a stable and easeful foundation for yourself from which to move throughout life is fundamental to living well.

Thank you, Neal! Your generosity as a teacher extends far beyond the studio.

Current and Future Trainings/Study:

  • iRest Yoga Nidra Certification Training with Richard Miller (this work is having an important impact on Neal’s teaching and approach).
  • Core Awareness : The role of the Psoas Muscle with Liz Koch
  • Body Mind Centering Practices
  • Loving Kindness Practices

Neal Ghoshal - Yoga Teacher Training

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