Donna Farhi joins Contemporary Yoga Teacher Training

World renown Yoga teacher of teachers Donna Farhi will join Contemporary Yoga as a senior guest faculty member on the 2×9 Days teacher training, August to October 2020.

3rd - 4th October
9.30am-4pm both days
St Heliers Community Centre, Auckland

The students on the 2×9 day training 2020 will automatically attend Donna’s sessions as part of their training.

There are a very limited number of places available only for previous participants of any 200-hour Contemporary Yoga Teacher Training.

There is a $300 tuition fee. Please complete the registration form below.

The Schedule

Saturday 3rd October
9.30am - 12.30pm: Core Support 1
2-4pm - Ethics and the teacher-student relationship 1

Sunday 4th October
9.30am - 12.30pm: Core Support 2
2-4pm: Ethics and the teacher-student relationship 2

Core Support 1

This clinic will begin with a 1-hour anatomy PowerPoint tutorial where Donna will use easy-to-understand terms to help you grasp the complex nature of the deepest stabilizing muscles in your body: the psoas. 

When these deep core muscles become unbalanced, the position of the pelvis and spine is thrown off-center.  Poor posture, back pain, and discomfort in movement can result. 

The second part of this clinic will be purely experiential.  You’ll learn some key practices that soften, hydrate and release the psoas muscles that can be integrated into any yoga class.

Ethics and the Teacher-Student Relationship 1:
The Nature of Boundaries

Boundaries create the necessary distance that allows both teacher and student to see the other as whole and complete. 

How can teachers create healthy boundaries for themselves and how can teachers support students to express their need for safety and self-sovereignty? 

How do we maintain boundaries when they have been challenged or transgressed?

How can the teacher’s vulnerabilities open them to ethical breaches and what can you do to prevent this from happening?

This session will include lecture, discussion and dyad exchange and processing. 

Core Support 2

This clinic will begin with a 1-hour anatomy PowerPoint tutorial where Donna will unpack the secondary core muscles that work together with the psoas to provide core stability and balance. 

You’ll learn why thoraco-diaphragmatic breathing is so important when practicing dynamic movements and how the deepest layer of the abdominal wall, the transverse abdominus serves to stabilize the lumbar spine. 

The experiential part of this clinic will include further work with the psoas muscles followed by a gentle yet effective core sequence that improves neuromuscular coordination, balance and strength of the whole core cylinder. 

Ethics and the Teacher-Student Relationship 2:
The Nature of Consent in Touch

Touching or “adjusting” students has become a hot wire topic on social media, for studio directors and teachers, and for those organizations that register teachers and set both ethical and scope of practice guidelines. 

Sadly, this is leading to a highly polarized and paranoid setting where touch is becoming taboo.

Donna will explore how our pedagogic model can set the stage for touch to be a powerful medium for educative exchange while simultaneously increasing the safety and effectiveness of our teaching. 

This session will include both lecture discussion (with a focus on consent) and experiential dyad exchange.

About Donna Farhi

Donna Farhi is a Yoga teacher who has been practicing for over 40 years and teaching since 1982.

As a post-lineage pioneer, Donna has been at the forefront of generating a new model for teaching and practice that fosters self-inquiry through the cultivation of each persons inner reference system. Going beyond the archaic pedagogic model that is characterised by “Simon Says” mimicry and rigid formulaic methodology, her approach is to create a safe learning environment where her students can investigate, adapt and evolve their practice to honour their individual needs.

Incorporating the rigorous backing of anatomical principles for safe and sustainable practice, Donna offers progressive levels of engagement that allow people of all levels of experience and from all traditions to build their own authentic Yoga practice.

Considered the “teacher of teachers” students return to Donna’s intensives year after year to be a part of the inspiring evolution of Donna’s own practice and teaching.

Donna is the author of four contemporary classics: The Breathing BookYoga Mind, Body and Spirit: A Return to WholenessBringing Yoga to Life: The Everyday Practice of Enlightened Living, and Teaching Yoga: Exploring the Teacher-Student Relationship which is a curricular text for teaching trainings worldwide.

Her fifth and most recent book, co-authored with Leila Stuart, Pathways to a Centered Body: Gentle Yoga Therapy for Core Stability, Healing Back Pain and Moving with Ease is becoming the go-to text for Yoga teachers, therapists and somatic practitioners.

Her latest online tutorial courses on Anatomy of a Centered Body and Yoga for Lower Back Pain: Keys to Sacroiliac Stability and Ease of Movement, are making her expertise more accessible to teachers and students worldwide (

Booking Form

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The fee to attend this weekend is $300.

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If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to connect with us on, or phone Neal Ghoshal on 021 180 7867.


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