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Founder of Hansa Yoga, Vincent encourages one to be curious about their yoga practice and offers a range of tools to support that enquiry, including pranayama, asana, postural re-patterning and hands-on enhancement.

Vincent’s classes are informative, interactive and increase one’s ability to meet the challenges of enduring a yoga class as a student or holding a yoga class as a teacher.

Vincent teaches from a place of experiential knowing and embodied wisdom. He offers this to his students with good humour, patience, unconditional support, challenge, knowledge, experience, personal practice and his philosophy on yoga is inspiring and enriching.

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Vincent Bolletta - Yoga Teacher Training, Auckland and China

The practice of yoga must be adaptable, relevant and aimed to cater for all learning styles and abilities so that the most effective practice can be developed.

One of New Zealand’s Foremost Yoga Instructors

A maverick teacher, Vincent has spent his yoga journey exploring the many styles of yoga, searching for the essence of the yoga practice and how it applies to the functional lives of everyday practitioners. This has lead him to becoming one of New Zealand’s foremost yoga instructors and teacher trainers with a wealth of knowledge in biomechanics, yoga therapy, movement therapy and postural analysis.

Vincent teaches a lot of private sessions as well as teacher training, classes and retreats and has worked with some of New Zealand’s top athletes.

He spent 16 years as a presenter, educator and yoga coach for Les Mills, one of the world’s largest suppliers of group fitness products and is currently the Product Manager and Lead Trainer for the yogame™ class products from One Fitness Concepts delivering pragmatic and accessible yoga workouts to people who are sometimes not engaged by conventional yoga styles.

Vincent has a bent for creativity in all avenues of living with a particular passion for photography. While developing his own photographic skills he has also worked collaboratively with photographer Marc Mateo on a series of yoga photographs which have been exhibited in New Zealand and the USA and have also been published by Yoga Journal Russia.

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Vincent Bolletta - Yoga Teacher Training


Sarah Hart

Vincent will get under your skin, and you’ll like it!

He poses intelligent questions and nudges you toward finding your answers — sometimes with gentle subtlety, sometimes so pointedly your longstanding bubble will burst and make room for the fresh, new knowledge you needed. I loved Vincent’s work. He took our class inward in ways I didn’t expect.

The hands-on education was delicate and powerful, and even more, his encouragement to examine everything we do and know with an objective perspective gave us one of the best gifts of all — a chance to consciously reconfigure ourselves and begin moving toward potentially drastic personal growth.

One of my favourite lessons was simply to be aware of our intention. From this, every small action holds immense power and effect. I still hear personal tidbits from Vincent in my everyday life. It’s like someone’s shown me how to adjust my sails and once I remember, it’s just one small alignment — physically, mentally or feelingly — to move further, doing less. 

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