About Dyana Wells


The focus of all Dyana’s investigating and avid questioning has been to understand life and how to live well.

On the training she introduces students into the core principles that underlie any spiritual enquiry and takes them on fascinating journeys of discovery into their minds and bodies. 

Tattwas, chakras, pranas, mudras are technologies to help us understand ourselves and our relationship to life. Dyana supports students in practical explorations into this subtle realm.

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Her focus is always on the practical application of any investigation to a personal yoga practice and to ordinary living.

Her particular talent lies in this ability to introduce subtle concepts and philosophy in a practical down to earth way without sacrificing the detail or the ineffable heart.

Dyana is also a great lover of the natural sciences and keenly follows new discoveries in disciplines as far apart as neuro-immunology, bacteriology, and quantum physics, enjoying any new understanding which challenges and enriches our understanding of being human. She loves the rich interplay between yoga and science and brings the same lively spirit to her anatomy nd physiology classes as she does to her philosophy classes.

Dyana’s Background

Dyana tutored in the Medical Sciences faculty at Wellpark College for six years, teaching Chemistry and Anatomy & Physiology to Yoga, Massage, Naturopathy and Nutrition students.

Dyana has been a student of yoga, meditation and the spiritual journey, most of her life and has been studying and teaching meditation and yoga for over 25 years.

Her main teachers in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition are from the Kargu Lineage, which focuses on personal practice and long retreats. She has studied extensively with Namygal Rinpoche, Tarchin Hearn, Cecilie Kwiat and Lama Mark Webber.


BSc majoring in Botany and Zoology

MA (Hons) in Philosophy

MCW (Hons) in Creative Writing

Dip Yoga Therapy from Wellpark College

Certification in Counselling

‘You are shining in this teaching space and your authenticity is inspirational. I hope we cross paths again.’

‘Thank you Dyana. I really appreciate your many pearls.’

The Yoga of Sailing is Dyana Wells’ first autobiographical novel in the Anchors in An Open Sea trilogy.

Join the four crew on their first serious voyage through gale-force winds and treacherous reefs, on a 35ft ketch.

Just Released

The Yoga of Sailing brings alive the land and ocean. From mystical experiences to onboard romance, Alice navigates a life of rich contrasts and at times tumultuous passion and confusion.

What drives the desire for spiritual experiences? What is the spiritual journey? What do we mean by freedom?

Buddha and a Boat continues the story. We see Alice as an older woman – softer and wiser. She has a deeper perspective and something to share, and we see that she has succeeded in bringing the mystical and ordinary worlds together. 

Both books are now available for sale. See DyanaWells for full details.


Sarah Hart

For those wanting to delve into the spiritual, philosophical and metaphysical, it’s wonderful to do so with a scientist.

Dyana took us as deep into the mysteries of the mind as she did into our biology. In one moment we’d marvel at the infinitesimally small workings of cell membrane molecules, and the next we’d attempt to grasp the vastness of our true nature — both equally miraculous and intelligent.

I enjoyed Dyana’s passion and excitement for what she teaches. Our guided meditations in particular took me into places I want to explore further.

Somatics is another fascinating thing I can thank Dyana for sharing. Her teaching weaves a common golden thread through the physical building blocks of life — the cell — through to our anatomical body parts and how they are all interconnected, to the effect of the human mind on our bodies and how we can work with both, before seemingly unravelling it all with delightful and challenging discussions about who and what we truly are beyond all matter anyway. Fantastic!


Haidee Stairmand

Your enthusiasm and knowledge are amazing. I am inspired.



I have absolutely loved your classes. You have inspired and motivated us to take pleasure in learning.

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